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A first round of micro grant proposals will be reviewed beginning on February 19, 2018.  Submissions should be made before this date to be considered in this first round.  Submissions made after February 19 will be considered on a rolling basis as funds become available.

LDA-SI Micro Grant Overview, Objectives and Required Outputs

During 2018, SDSN's Local Data Action Solutions Initiative will provide a limited number of micro grants as part of its objective to promote sound, replicable technical methods for sub-national SDG monitoring that facilitate local action in support of the “leave no one behind” principle (LNOB).  Micro grants in the range of $2,000-$10,000 will be given to organizations that have built (or are building) innovative sub-national SDG data solutions.  These examples will each provide a replicable or adaptable model that can be applied in SDG initiatives in other locations.  

Micro grants will support select organizations in their development and implementation of data solutions.  The funds can be used by grantees to finance the purchase of datasets and data software, for convening learning events and workshops, or for covering staff time.  The grantees will represent a range of methodological examples and contexts from around the world.

At the conclusion of their grant, each grantee will be required to submit two short outputs for general learning, which will be posted on the SDSN website and circulated through its newsletter and social media accounts:

  • A guidance brief: LDA-SI will release a series of knowledge briefs that will answer the general question: “What sub-national SDG data monitoring methods facilitate action that supports LNOB?”  Each of the grantees will be required to produce a brief to share their own data solutions and to help others to adapt those for their own purposes (click here and scroll to bottom of page to see previously prepared briefs as an example).  Each individual brief in this grantees’ series will provide: (i) a description of the sub-national SDG data solution the grantee has developed (e.g., data collection and analysis, indicator selection and data management platform design), (ii) a step-by-step guide on that method so that others can adapt or replicate it, (iii) a critique of the strengths and weaknesses of the method, and (iv) a summary of how that method informs local action and promotes the LNOB principle. The briefs will be written for audiences of diverse technical backgrounds so that they can be used and their guidance adapted to different contexts.
  • Web blog: Each of the grantees will prepare a blog to accompany their guidance brief.  Keeping the focus on local action, each blog will summarize how the methodology in the brief is relevant and adaptable to existing stakeholder monitoring systems and processes, and how it is being/will be used by local governments.

Proposal Requirements and Timeline

A first round of micro grant proposals will be reviewed beginning on February 19, 2018.  Submissions should be made before this date to be considered in this round.  Any additional future opportunities for grants and partnerships will be announced as they become available.  Micro grants must be disbursed and final drafts of guidance briefs and blog posts must be submitted to SDSN by October 31, 2018.

Additional Information

More information on the SDSN Local Data Action Solutions Initiative is available on http://unsdsn.org/what-we-do/solution-initiatives/sdg-local-data-action/. In case you have any questions please contact us at lda-si@unsdsn.org.

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